Terms & Conditions
JOJO & DODO LTD, 252 Welbeck Road, London, Carshalton, SM5 1LW


1.1 Goods at all times will remain the property of JOJO & DODO LTD (The Owner), known as Jojo & Dodo Events Decorations. The goods are a reference to all items hired from the owner to the hirer.

1.2 The Hirer is the person(s) named on the agreement and who has signed the agreement.

1.3 Your Venue will not be responsible for any hired goods unless the venue themselves are the hirer and are names as the hirer on the hire agreement.

1.4 It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform the Venue of the terms and conditions and to oversee that the Venue adheres to the terms and conditions.                         Any costs incurred due to loss/damage by the Venue will be the hirer’s responsibility.

1.5 The owner will not be liable under any circumstances for any injuries, death, or damage to any property caused by any hired goods.

1.6 JOJO & DODO LTD and their representatives, reserve the right to photograph at any venue and use the material for marketing and advertising purposes in any media they wish.


2.1 For bespoke items such as chair covers, chair sashes, table linen, centrepieces, love letters sign, backdrops, flower arch, sweet cart, etc. – Clients will be expected to pay a 30% deposit on top of the total invoice amount to secure their goods, and outstanding balance of 100% is due 3 weeks prior to the event. The extra 30% will be held as a refundable security deposit against any loss or damage- SEE 3.1. Failure to pay a balance by the agreed date will be deemed to cancel the booking and the hirer may incur cancellation fees – SEE 6.1. Additionally the owner will require a security deposit to the value specified in the booking details overleaf, which will be held uncashed and returned within 7-14 working days of the return/collection of goods to allow the owner time to check that the items have been returned in satisfactory condition. In the case of damage or loss, the security deposit will be cashed to offset any losses. Sums held in excess of replacement costs will be returned by bank transfer; the hirer will be invoiced for any shortfalls, which should be paid on receipt of the invoice – SEE 3.1 below.

3.ADDITIONAL CHARGES – REPLACEMENT COSTS AND ADDITIONAL EXPENSES INCURRE 3.1 During the period the goods are on hire, the hirer shall be solely responsible for ensuring the safekeeping of the goods from time of acceptance of goods, until acceptance of goods back into the possession of the owner. The hirer shall be fully responsible for any damages or losses to the owners’ goods, and will reimburse the owner for replacement of the goods as follows: Spandex Chair Cover £3.00 each, Table Cloths £15.00 each, Organza Sashes £2.50 each, Satin Sashes £5.00, Table Runner £5.00 each, Table Organza Sash £5.00 each, Table Swag £45.00 each, Martini Glasses 80cm £35.00 each, Table Mirror Plates £10, White Candles Holders small/large £10.00/£15.00 each, Crystal Candles Holders £15.00 each, Large Vase £50.00 each, Small Candy Jars Glass £5.00 each, Scoop £4.00, Cocktail Bowls (plastic) £4.00 each, Tongs £4.00, Replica White Metal Post Box £180.00 each, Table Plans £25.00 each, Easels £50.00 each, Large Lantern £45.00 each, Fish Bowls £10.00each, Table Top Post Box £8.00 each, Crystal Globes £40.00 each, Table small easels £2.50 each, Table MR & MRS sign £5.00 each, Light up Glitz Wire Heart Sign small/large £9.00/£20.00 Sweet Cart £300.00 each, Circle Flower Arch White/Ivory Or Mixed Colours £500.00each, Flower Gate £550.00 each, Garden Arch £300.00 each, 4ft Love Letters Sign £850.00 each letter, 4ft MR & MRS Standard Backdrop with Curtains and Swags/LED lights £360.00, Ceiling Drapes £100.00 each. Flower Wall White £200.00 per panel, Flower Wall Pink £200.00 per panel, Stage £500.00 per panel (2mx1m), Blossom Tress White £250.00 each, Blossom Tress Baby Pink £250.00 each, Canopy Blossom Trees £800 per Tree, White Uplighters £150.00 each, Chiaviari Limewash Chair £45.00 each, 5ft Round Table Wood £80.00, Rectangular Table 6ft £60each, Canopy White/Ivory Blossom Trees £750each, Silver Sofa £800each, Gold Sofa £1000.00each, Thrones Gold or Silver £200.00each. These charges will be offset against the refundable deposit. If the security deposit does not fully cover the replacement charges, any shortfall must be paid immediately on receipt of invoice. All damaged goods will remain the property of the owner.

3.2 General soiling of goods is acceptable. Examples of damage to goods making them beyond further use include ripping, tearing, burning, candle-wax burns and residue, chewing gum, permanent marker pens, ink, crayons, mildew damage, or anything else that makes the goods unusable. Goods in less than top condition will not be deemed re-useable.

3.3 In the case of DIY returns, all goods must be re packaged safely in the containers provided, or in suitable container. Linens must not be packed into bags when wet; they must be allowed to dry before being packed to avoid mildew/damage/breakage.


4.1 Goods must be available for collection as agreed. Any aborted deliveries/collections/additional expenses incurred through non-compliance will be charged £0.60p per mile per additional mile.

4.2 Goods are for hire for a period as stated overleaf. The owner must be notified of any delays immediately and these may result in reasonable additional charges being made.

4.3 It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the venue is ready and available at the times stated in the event booking or as per any verbal agreement made with the owner. Any delays may result in further charges or abandonment.

4.4 Additional charges may apply for excess travel/late night collections; hirers will be made aware of these at quotation stage, or if changes are made to the original booking, as soon as reasonably possible.

4.5 Where the hirer intends to take chair covers and any other items hired outside, agreement will only be given on the understanding that: they are not to be used on grass or any other surface.


5.1 The owner can offer recommendations but accepts no responsibility if such items are not suitable/or to the hirers taste. If in doubt the hirer must request samples.


6.1 Cancellations notified to the owner will incur the following charges;- in excess of 12 weeks prior to the event booking: 50% of the deposit value; under 12 weeks and over 6 weeks prior to the event will be charged at 75% of the deposit value; under 6 weeks prior to the event will be charged at 100% of the deposit value.

6.2 JOJO & DODO LTD will make every effort and use any resource available to them to deliver (set up if specified) and collect at the times/dates specified in the event booking, however will not accept liability if times/ dates cannot be complied with, due to circumstances beyond their control, where failure is a result of Acts of God (including fire flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disasters) war invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or not) civil war, rebellion, revolution, rioting, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike , interruption, failure of utilities, communications services or lately COVID-19 pandemic. 

6.3 JOJO & DODO LTD reserves the right to amend prices, promotional offers and alter terms and conditions without limitations or notice.

6.4 Any changes by the hirer after making a booking will require the express agreement from the owner. This excludes changes to numbers of covers, which may be altered prior to balance due date. Changes to the hirers’ specification/ requirements could result in additional charges and/or may invalidate your booking- see 6.1 cancellation charges.

6.4.1 If the Hirer changes the date of the event or provides incorrect date information without informing the company owner of the change and without obtaining consent, the Hirer shall be liable to forfeit a minimum of 50% of the deposit.

6.5 Where suitable stock or services cannot be supplied after receipt of a deposit, JOJO & DODO LTD reserve the right to cancel any booking without reason or reservation and will return any deposit paid, less any travel costs and other expenses incurred.

6.6 The owner will endeavour to supply the specific items requested, however reserves the right to substitute an appropriate alternative where necessary.

6.7 Where chair covers linens and accessories cannot be supplied from stock, or suitable alternative stock supplied, clients may be offered the option to order bespoke manufacture, subject to adequate timescales. NB. Additional charges for chair covers may be incurred due to costs. Prices will be revised and agreed before any bespoke work is undertaken.

6.8 The owners reserve the right to withdraw their products and services at any time from a Venue or hirer, if the owner deems that either themselves, their representatives, or their goods are under any threat of danger, violence/damage either physically or verbally. In these circumstances, no refunds will be made and the hirer will remain responsible under all of the terms of the agreement.

The hirer named on the invoice takes full responsibility for the goods and after made of the deposit payment automatically

accepting above Jojo & Dodo Terms & Conditions. 

Updated Date: 01/01/2024 

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