Glass Candle Holder Set


A modern and graceful, slender chalice – a candlestick made of colorless glass, characterized by high quality.  It is a product of a Polish glassworks, which comes from manual production.  The glass candlestick is an extremely elegant and effective table decoration for everyday use and special occasions.  A vase on a high leg will be perfect for decorating a home space, such as a living room, as well as for decorating wedding halls or churches, it will perfectly fit into various design styles.  The transparent, cylinder-shaped candle holder impresses with its modern sparkle and decorative potential.  The atmospheric candle flame gets the right setting thanks to the glass candlestick.  A cylindrical chalice, due to its subtlety, can be a wonderful background for arrangements made of fresh flowers.

Please Note:
 The Candles are  NOT included.

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